Recent News

Martin Walker Reserve

Senior students enjoyed a walk on this beautiful sunny day, to Martin Walker Reserve. We all had a fabulous time getting our feet wet, exploring the area and enjoying the great outdoors.

Cows Create Careers

For the past three weeks, students in the senior classroom have been part of a program, "Cows create careers". They have loved having the calves at school. Reanna and Kayla have made an iMovie so please read more to view.

Webex Conference

All students participated in a Webex conference with Grey Street Primary School and Kosciuszko Street Primary School. Grey Street Primary School's Year 4 students were telling us about their studies of the Baw Baw frog and quizing us about what we had learnt and ways they could raise more money to save the endangered species.

Yinnar South Citizens Association

Yinnar South Citizens Association presented a cheque for $745.01 to our school.

Junior Scientists

Last week in science, Miss Quiltys class were junior scientists and learnt all about what scientist needs to do to conduct an experiment. We were trying to see if we could blow up a balloon using vinegar and bicarbonate soda.

Parents Association

An inaugural meeting of the association will be held Tuesday 17 September at 3:30pm. Interested parents must complete the ‘Parent Club registration form’ available from the office, to become members of the Association.

Kids Helpline

The Senior class had a video call with Brooke at Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 this morning learning about what they are all about. They get about 700 calls a day with about 140 counsellors answering calls. They are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CERES Sustainability Summit

On September 10th we hosted the Student Environment Leadership Program with Tom and Clare from CERES Environment Park.

District Athletics Champions Day

Reanna blitzed the competition at our District Athletics Day in Term 1. As a result she went through to the District Athletics Champions Day last week to compete in the 100 metre sprint and the 800 metre distance race.

Beleza 20% Off Sale

Please click on link to see details of Beleza Traralgon VIP sale.VIP Sale 20% off


The Updat-ed app is available on the Apple app store or google play. Please click on link for instructions. The app can be used to see upcoming events, recent news, absence forms and more.Updat-ed link

Parents and Friends

There will be a meeting held on Tuesday the 10th of September at 3:30pm with the purpose of forming a parent club. The meeting will be held in the school hall. Any members of the school community are welcome to attend.