5 Star Energy Rating

5 Star Energy Rating and a Radio Interview

Our Southies, Reanna and Shayla, chatted to Amber Irving-Guthrie today on ABC 100.7 Gippsland Radio about our fabulous school, Yinnar South and how we earned our 5 Star Resource Smart rating. Well done girls! Speaking and Listening ✔️📞🎤🎧
Amber was asking Alison Taylor, Resource Smart Schools Coordinator, how schools fit Sustainability into an already full curriculum...At Yinnar South we embed the Curriculum with Sustainability. We are able to theorise, design and reflect, construct ideas and research and then put it all into practice in and around our school with hands on projects and activities. Sustainability is a theme that we are constantly revisiting across Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Himanities, the Arts and of course in Lifestyles - Gardening and Cooking!