Sushi and Pancakes for Lunch!

Today we are making sushi. We are starting to layer them out and getting all the supplies for our sushi session. – Max

For dessert today we are making pancakes with berries. It is sure to be delicious with sweetness from the berries and everything is smelling great. - Reanna

In our sushi we have rice, capsicum, tuna, carrots, cucumber, avocado, chicken. It’s a special food from Japan, and many kids from Yinnar South like making sushi from the sushi machine. Charlie, Max, and Willow are making pancakes that are gluten, dairy and sugar free. The berry topping will be sugar free as well. - Joseph

Making the pancake batter was really fun because it was like gooey slime. Pancakes remind me of cooking pancakes for breakfast with my gran on a sleepover. - Charlie

Joseph and I made pancake batter with gluten free flour, eggs, salt and almond milk. I whisked the eggs and joseph stirred the batter. Joseph and I ate a pancake each. - Willow

I made chicken sushi with Reanna and we kept making perfect sushi. - Kayla