Individual Focus

Stages not ages

Students at Yinnar South Primary School learn at their point of need, not at the level their age assumes they should be. Students are recognized as individuals. Everybody learns at different rates and working at a level that is challenging yet attainable is the best way to maximize achievement. One step at a time. To achieve this students often work in fluid groups across age levels and those requiring extra extension receive an individualized learning plan.

Student Choice

Students have the opportunity to make choices at Yinnar South Primary School.

Research supports the benefits of learning through play and inquiry which we support through our developmental curriculum. Students are able to choose resources that encourage them to be curious and excited about learning.

Our flexible approach to learning spaces means that students choose to work in different seating arrangements. Our classrooms are designed to appeal to all types of learners. There are large tables with multiple seats, couches, desks, calming break out spaces, a conference room, cushions and the floor. This reflects the diversity of modern workplaces. All of these areas can be used as learning spaces and students are supported by staff to make strong choices about where they choose to work.

Each term we have a whole school focus which students explore at their own level. As student’s progress as independent learners they learn to negotiate their topic and assessment rubric/criteria ensuring that they are engaged and strive to achieve their best. Students are encouraged to be proactive learners by working alongside teachers to monitor their own progress and set learning goals that challenge them.

By encouraging choice at a young age, it builds their ability to make strong positive choices.

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