We are WISE Learners.




Southies are workers, in the classroom with their learning - they work, they start, they try and they don't give up. They encourage their friends and support their classmates to work alongside them.

Southies understand hard work, whether it is all helping out weed the garden for the next round of planting, cleaning out the chicken coop, picking up around the classroom or packing up the room for the day. Southies all help out.

At Yinnar South Primary School - we all are WORKERS.



Southies understand that their learning journey is their learning journey. Every one has a path they travel on and we support our Southies to travel their own learning journey. We ensure that differentiated tasks are provided and support students to start, to try and to not give up!

At Yinnar South Primary School - we are INDEPENDENT. 


We are SAFE.

Southies understand their own space, they respect the space of themselves and the spaces of others. Southies respect their local environment and ensure that they leave spaces the way they found them or even better. They tread lightly and show respect for all cultures.

At Yinnar South Primary School - we are SAFE.



Southies are engaged in their learning, they are engaged in sharing their learning with others and their teachers. Southies show their engagement by asking questions, having conversations, making connections and drawing conclusions.

At Yinnar South Primary Scool - We are ENGAGED.


At Yinnar South Primary School - We start, we try and we don't give up! 


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