At Yinnar South Primary School, recognition is given to students who display our W.I.S.E values of Work Ethic, Integrity, Self Mastery and Empathy. This recognition comes in the form of what is known as W.I.S.E moments and is driven by the students.


Work Ethic
Work ethic is the core focus at Yinnar South Primary School, it is embedded in everything we do. We have a strong focus on students striving to achieve and working towards the next step in their learning. Ensuring that class time is used effectively to improve student’s skills and knowledge.


At Yinnar South Primary School we strongly value integrity. Students are encouraged to understand that while we all make mistakes at times, we should always try to be honest, trustworthy and respectful.


Students at Yinnar South are encouraged to take responsibility for the choices they make, and this includes their own behaviour. We believe that students need to develop intrinsic motivations for making strong choices. We encourage students to develop their social and emotional intelligence alongside their academic.


At Yinnar South our students are encouraged to be empathetic. They are supporting to view others perspective and to develop a sense of caring, responsibility and respect for themselves, their community and the environment.