Our playgroup has been designed to complement the school’s vision that focuses on individual wholistic development in a flexible, vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

We aim to provide an environment where children learn through play. We will offer opportunities for children to play freely and explore the world through nature, art, their senses and health and well-being activities. We value childre...n and parents/caregivers, recognising the importance of parenting and being gentle and respectful to ourselves, our children and others.

‘Wise Little Owls’ will come together on a Wednesday at 9.15am until 11.15am in the hall at Yinnar South Primary School. We ask that each family contributes $2.50 for a session to cover the materials and bring a piece of fruit to share. The program has been created around the four seasons with each school term dedicated to a season. Each session will have a weekly rhythm that looks something like the following:
  • Welcome, cuppa and play
  • Sharing a snack together
  • Facilitated activity
  • Free play and pack up time
  • Story (provided by families)
  • Meditation
**** Please note that if your child isn’t ready or doesn’t feel like joining in on any of the activities there will be no expectations for them to do so. We celebrate that every child is an individual; readiness and willingness to be part of a group is something that often comes with time and practice and should not be pushed. There is plenty of space for children to explore and play on their own.