The Nook

Hi, I'm Michelle and I have the privilege of being the School Chaplain at YSPS. I am located in The Nook (at the back of the library) however, I am usually found somewhere in the classroom or school yard. I work Wednesdays and Thursdays at YSPS and encourage all students, parents and/or guardians to come and have a chat should you need any support or just want to come and say hi.

This year as part of the chaplaincy program the students are writing a school song and learning the UCan code. It is anticipated that the school song will be presented by the students at the end of the year.

UCan Code

I am great
I am strong
I am courageous
I am kind
I honour others
I can do hard things and win
I can face every challenge
I can choose
I can change
I may be small but I dream big
Not everyone will make a difference but I can